8 Days A Week (I Ain’t Got Nothing But..)

The film was a huge disappointment to me. Some nice footage, and bits of commentary from Paul and Ringo, but this was not a film for serious die-hard Beatles fans.

When we were told a couple of years ago that The Beatles were going to be captured in a new, fresh, exciting film, directed by the legendary director Ron Howard, there was great excitement among Beatles fans.
We were promised new footage, new photos, behind the scenes interviews and the first truly new Beatles film since the 1960s.
I attended the world premiere in Liverpool – we were screening 30 minutes ahead of London – and I walked the “blue jay way” carpet with Allan Williams, The Quarrymen, Julia Baird and many more, which was an honour. In the cinema, when we watched interviews with Allan and Beryl Williams, Joe Flannery, Freda Kelly and other Liverpool people, I was so pleased that the film started with the Beatles in Liverpool.
However, when that finished after 20 minutes, I realised something was not quite as it seemed. This film was only for us in Liverpool. Ron Howard, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr appeared on the screens with a special intro for us, where Ron Howard aditted he hadn’t been to Liverpool but he would like to. Seriously? But then as Liverpool wasn’t to feature in the main film, I suppose it didn’t matter. Where were The Beatles from? Ermmm. Where were The Quarrymen? Stuart Sutcliffe? Pete Best, who probably played more hours live with The Beatles than Ringo, but no mention.
The film was a huge disappointment to me. Some nice footage, and bits of commentary from Paul and Ringo, but this was not a film for serious die-hard Beatles fans, but a nice trip through the Beatles touring years. The one thing it did show well was how fed up with touring the Beatles were by 1966. That was about it. There was nothing particularly new, and plenty I’d seen elsewhere and so much more they could have included, but didn’t.
There was no new insight into touring with The Beatles, and, as a Liverpudlian, this film was definitely made for the American market. Even when a clip was shown of The Beatles on the balcony in Liverpool in July 1964, there was no caption to tell you where it was, even though virtually everywhere else was captioned. When they showed The Beatles in Amsterdam in June 1964, there was Jimmie Nicol standing in for Ringo, but he was not name-checked or identified and just passed over to when Ringo rejoined the tour.
Oh, and I nearly forgot. The people they interviewed. Not ordinary fans, but they rolled out celebrities! Of course, the famous “Fifth Beatles” Richard Curtis, Eddie Izzard, Jon Savage, Whoopi Goldberg, Sigourney Weaver…………………Yes, right.
I could go on, because there were so many disappointments there’s not enough space! This was a huge opportunity missed.
Would I pay to see it again? No.
Would I recommend it to others? No.
Will I buy it on DVD? Probably not.
Was I disappointed? Definitely.
I ain’t got nothing but disappointment, babe, Eight Days A Week.
David Bedford

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Author: David Bedford

David Bedford grew up in The Dingle, attended the primary school that Ringo Starr did, before moving to Penny Lane, where his three daughters attended Dovedale Primary School, where John Lennon and George Harrison had previously attended.His first book, "Liddypool" was published in 2009, now in its third edition. His second book, "The Fab one hundred and Four" was published in 2013, and his third book, "Finding the Fourth Beatle" was published in 2018. He was also the Associate Producer and Beatles historian for the documentary feature film, "Looking for Lennon".He is working on several other projects at the moment,

104 thoughts on “8 Days A Week (I Ain’t Got Nothing But..)”

  1. and…not a second of a mention about meeting the KING…Elvis!!!! How can you key in on the Beatles in the USA and not even mention that meeting! Also….no mention of Brian passing…or the name Pete Best (right?) and ya know they cut all the cool stuff out like Jackie DeShannon and about 10 others…cuz we need more time for Whoopi!!!~Chris Carter…(Hi Dave!)

  2. Great review, David! I agree with almost everything you said and had the same impression watching the film (albeit on my home HULU connection). For casual fans or younger fans, this film is probably acceptable. However, for other fans, this film is a disappointment and adds nothing really new to the story. I was disappointed with the dearth of coverage/footage from the Liverpool and Hamburg area appearances pre-1963, which are essential to understanding the Beatles as a live band. As you noted, was this a film about the Beatles’ live experience and the history as a touring band, or just another re-hash of the “Beatlemania” years. The fact that Pete Best, Allan Williams, Sam Leach, and Bill Harry were all but overlooked in this film was also a travesty, and simply bad history. I really wanted to see more live performances than a general rehash of the Beatles’ meteoric rise. The use of celebrity experiences ( Eddie izzard and Whoopi Goldberg) to validate the importance of the Beatles was unnecessary and frankly irritating. This protect had so much potential to add another layer to the Beatles story, mainly the impact of the Beatles as a touring band. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed.
    One last point. It’s unfortunate that the DVD release will not be including several complete remastered and remixed concerts or shows (Shea Stadium, Tokyo, NME poll winners, and yes, the rooftop concert from 1969. Showing concert clips out of context does give fans a true sense of the experience of seeing the Beatles live, or the band’s cultural and musical significance. One can only hope that we will get our hands on these releases at some point.

  3. I enjoyed it, and I can only give an American’s point of view. I think the aspects you were disappointed about were because the film was billed as a comprehensive view of the Beatles’ touring years, but it ended up really being about their impact on the US. I also thought the “celebrities'” opinions were unnecessary, and reminded me of VH1 productions. However, I couldn’t spend too much time being analytical because in very short order I began to experience the wave of happiness carrying me through their performances.
    Here is a question, David. Nothing has been said about the source of the unseen concert footage. Could those recordings have come from the estate of Neil Aspinall? I remember that shortly after he passed away his son said he had discovered a box of Beatles material that no one knew about.

  4. hi – the film has only few new footage, the colouration is a drag, they speeded wrongly up some live clips, they overdubbed Manchester with Hollywood…Some of the footage is better on bootleg…Many pics are shown off topic.
    I have no idea why….
    Yes and they missed key factors mentioned above as Pete and Jimmy -Elvis etc. I dont think they mentioned their road crew by name (Alf Bicknell not mentioned in the credits).
    It could have been much better. It is nothing but a new version of Compleat Beatles or a shorter Anthology. A missed chance.

  5. Hi David
    I saw the premiere in Denmark and as a devoted Beatles fan I agree with you David. I also was disappointed about the americanization of the film, which meant nearly totally lack of the cradle of the Beatles, Liverpool and secondly Hamburg AND as mentioned above especially Pete Best and Brian Epstein was forgotten, though there was a wonderful clip with Brian watching “his boys”.
    I enjoyed to see The Beatles, as I always do….. the picture and sound was excellent, but there wasn’t much news – I had hoped for more…!. I wonder what Paul and Ringo thought about the film?

  6. Well this sounds rather disappointing. I will still check out the film when I get the chance, but I was hoping there would be some good stuff in there about the early days. Hamburg and Pete Best are essential parts of the “live Beatles” story.
    At least you got to be part of a great event with Allan Williams, the Quarrymen, et all. That must have been very cool.

  7. David: Just purchased and watched 8 Days a Week. Completely agree with your comments. Was looking forward to seeing something truly new. What we got was a re-hash of a story and film clips that are already well-known to most hard-core fans. The film was actually a bit boring, something that the Beatles were not ever! Looking forward to your Book ! Please stay in touch!

      1. David: If we can stay @ your place ! So your a Grandpa now 🙂 Congratulations!! Hope your fine family is doing well. I miss Liverpool ! Please let me know when I can order your book. Any other good Beatle projects or radio/TV/Web activity we can log into? Is 10 Admiral Grove being renovated? Welsh streets? One thing I noticed about the Ron Howard film is how few first hand accounts of people that were actually there for the Beatles are still with us. Films now need to transition to more historic documentaries or dramas. Just needs a good script (remember your the next Bill Harry) ! Have a great rest of your Weekend!

  8. Wish we had room mate! A very happy grandpa – he is staying with us tonight for the first time. Don’t miss those disturbed nights!! I’m just finishing work on a Lennon documentary which is coming out in the Spring. Very exciting! Have a search for “Looking for Lennon”. Some work starting on the Welsh Streets at last but very slow! We’ve interviewed a lot of people who knew Lennon personally. They could have done the same for 8 Days A Week, but went for celebs instead! You will love “Looking for Lennon”, I promise you! A proper documentary!!

    1. Beatles Drummers: 1.Paul McCartney 2.Mike McCartney 3.John Lennon 4.George Harrison 5.Norman Chapman 6.Ringo Starr 7.Tommy Moore 8.”Ronnie the Ted” 9. John Hutchinson 10.Colin Hanton 11. Cliff Roberts 12. Andy White 13.Jimmie Nichol 14.Horst Facscher 15. Pete Best
      Could 16. be Mal Evans (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer?)
      Paul J. Clinton (248) 249-3344 pauljclinton19@gmail.com
      [image: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-j-clinton/102/405/337“><img src=]
      On Sat, Nov 19, 2016 at 11:23 AM, David Bedford’s Beatles Blog wrote:
      > David Bedford commented: “Wish we had room mate! A very happy grandpa – he > is staying with us tonight for the first time. Don’t miss those disturbed > nights!! I’m just finishing work on a Lennon documentary which is coming > out in the Spring. Very exciting! Have a search for “Lookin” >

        1. I forgot Stanley. Please use my name when you discuss good ol’ Stan… :). How about our drumming friend from the Beatmakers session? What about the drunks at the Indra?

    1. Wow, you are good, never would have thought that for the One World session, is it in the video? We know Mick was in the audience. I know it’s all in the book…:). So we now know all 15 drummers? Or is there a scouser surprise in the book? Say hi to Alix and the kids. Tell her I watched their wedding video on You Tube. You look like a Liverpool penguin in your tux.

    1. Hmmm. three more names, let me see if I can find some more… Must have played with the band in a public venue or in the studio? No Mal or Neil?

    1. How about the following: Tristan Fry, Mahuapurush Misra? Both were session guys. I know you won’t tell me… That still leaves me looking…

    1. I heard that Sam Leach passed away today. Thank you introducing me to a giant in Beatles history. Please let me know how the wake went. I will be there in sprit.

  9. Did you go to Allan Williams funeral? Another real pioneer gone… Otherwise, I hope you had a great Holiday season. Still on the hunt for your lost drummers!

    1. Went to Sam’s which was fabulous – as good as it can be.
      Allan’s is on Thursday but I can’t go as I am attending my Uncle’s funeral near London the day before so I can’t make it back in time. Not the greatest start to the year!

      1. Sorry for your Uncle… Waiting on your Book and the Lennon film. Now that health is starting to be the concern for that whole generation. How’s Pete’s health?

        1. Forthlin Rd. home recordings June 1960. Did Jim Mac play drums on a couple of tunes? Warmer or not? We all know Tommy Moore left the Silver Beetles June 12, 1960, Norman did his two Weeks and is now gone, Pete’s not in game until August 12. Paul’s letter from the ad in Echo goes unanswered, looks like most of their gigs were at the Grosvenor Ballroom during this time. How I am doing so far? Any hints? I don’t want you to tell and I am not asking, I can wait for the book.

    1. Grosvenor Ballroom, Wallesey – Possible dates: June 18, 25 – July 2, 9, 16, 30, Grosvenor then cancelled “beat music” concerts (noise, rowdiness, etc.). Tommy Moore quit June 12, Pete was asked to audition/join 08/06, auditioned 08/12, Hamburg 08/15 – all 1960. Which date to you think? Thanks, Stan…

  10. Not to my knowledge though that is irrelevant because he wasn’t in another group and I don’t think ever drummed again! That’s why it is virtually impossible to find him. Good eh?

    1. Well… you got me… Looks like I need to read the book. So are there anymore or do you think all are identified? Also waiting on the Lennon video… You ‘da man!

    1. David, glad you found this guy! Based on quite a bit of time on-line, there is nothing about a second guest drummer on that date. Even Mark Lewisohn did not get this. By the way I got through his entire book (943 pages), it was good, but… I learned about 5-6 new things I did not already know from your books and my reading & long time research. I’m glad I read it, but, your books are on my night stand and Mark’s is not. Please send pix if you have them of Allan Williams & Sam Leach’s graves.
      Paul J. Clinton (248) 249-3344 pauljclinton19@gmail.com
      [image: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-j-clinton/102/405/337“><img src=]
      On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 5:05 AM, David Bedford’s Beatles Blog wrote:
      > David Bedford commented: “”Shooting” in the summer! Yikes!!!” >

      1. I’ve got a lot if stuff Mr Lewisohn hasn’t got and the next book is going to undo a lot of what he wrote in TuneIn! Especially the Pete Best/ Ringo stuff. And some of it using his own evidence! Ha. Well done for reading the whole book – you’re in a minority to have made it all the way through. Hard work. Didn’t try the full unabridged at 1600 pages?
        Sam’s and Allan’s graves won’t have headstones for a little while but will do when they are done.
        Are you due over here again? I will begrudgingly admit it is nice to see you!! Ian sends his disregards too

        1. I got through the “mass market” (read shorter 943 pages). Almost bought the 1600 page version but I’ll wait for your book and I’ll the do the 1600 page when the price comes down. Look to try to get there in the summer. Reading Mark’s book felt like a “duty” for hardcore fans to learn all that he researched. Only about 5-6 actual new revelations. Remember almost 1000 pages for maybe 20 pages of truly new information. Pictures were the same that every hard-core fan has seen before. I am glad I read it but at times it was sheer determination to read and complete it. Have you ever discovered Ringo’s step dad Harry’s grave? Did you know that Henry Epstein’s company address is about 2 miles from your house? Queenie still listed as a Director (obviously deceased!). I sure I can find more useless trivia to entertain you. Liverpool is very cool town Beatles not with standing. How is your Mom doing?

  11. Still haven’t found Harry Graves Grave – its on the list! Henry pops in to the Penny Lane Development Trust occasionally. He’s not a well man and doesn’t talk about Brian or the Beatles unless he wants to. Liverpool always cool!!! Mum doing well – we lost my father-in-law in October so looking after mum-in-law too. How’s your fam?

    1. So… you have a wife, a MiL, a SiL and 3 daughters all together with you bring up the rear. You have “zero” bathroom time… :). Say Hey to Ian ! Next time you see Henry, let him know that he has “fans” too (me). My wife and your wife should hook up with Facebook, I think they would get along well. It’s just me and Linda (she’s well) and 3 little elderly dogs in 2700 Sq. ft. Don’t say it I know I’m old… Shut up!

  12. Wife, and two of three daughters at home plus a dog – who is a bitch! No chance. Got 2 bathrooms and can’t get in either!!! Off swimming with the little grandson soon – can’t wait! My wife is never off Facebook so she’d like that! And yes, you are old!!

    1. Did you go to the “Cilla’ statue unveiling? Seems like the City Center area should stop with the statues for a while. Makes your appreciate the real venues that have not changed much (Casbah, etc.). Rather see an obscure Beatles location that’s REAL. Hard core Merseybeat fans will start to ask for tours of those locations and other band locales in the city. Hope all is well looking forward to your book and film partnership releases.

  13. As Cilla’s statue was being unveiled, I was getting ready to go on TV “live” as it was the day of the 60th anniversary of the Cavern. Personally, not a Cilla fan and probably only there because her sons paid for it!
    Lennon film edit done, just the voice over narrative to complete it. Showing it at the Fest in New Jersey next month for the first time. Very excited for everyone to see it. Unfortunately, I am in it but I’m sure you’ll get over it. Even make an appearance playing tea-chest with The Quarrymen!
    We can then get the drummers book completed, and then start working on a film about the drummers! Non-stop, but real good fun.

    1. Yes my eyes and ears will hurt that you are in it :)… Thought the Cilla TV show was good. I heard that Cilla was not all that pleasant to be around, very ambitious, etc. I know she was a Thatcher Conservative, too. Her statue seems out of context in an area so powerfully related to the Beatles with little around it that’s relevant to the “average” Beatles fan. Want to bet that it get’s moved after a few years ? Either to Liverpool 1 or the Cavern Walks (if that does not close first). Looking forward to the film. Are you doing the voice-over? Cheers !…

  14. I have suggested they supply a mute filter when I am on screen and optional blindfold too. I your case I am recommending a gag too!! I am on screen in conversation, and playing with the Quarrymen too on tea-chest bass! Not bad eh?
    Cilla statue – it is the family’s attempt to connect her with the Beatles legacy because nobody would bother if it was anywhere else. I hope they move it – stick it in Cavern Walks next to those horrendous “Beatles” statues! I’d be quite happy to move it!

    1. Air sick bag… Ear pugs… Warning Adult Content… So, how many times playing with Quarrymen before you join/become full time member? Liverpool 1 would have been a better choice outside HMV store. As it is now it’s Mathew St., coat rack, waiting for it to get damaged with kids hanging off of the arms. Sculptor captured the post Liddypool nose job well!

    2. David:
      Please send me the link to the TV broadcast if available.
      Paul J. Clinton (248) 249-3344 pauljclinton19@gmail.com
      [image: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-j-clinton/102/405/337“><img src=]
      On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 10:24 AM, David Bedford’s Beatles Blog wrote:
      > David Bedford commented: “I have suggested they supply a mute filter when > I am on screen and optional blindfold too. I your case I am recommending a > gag too!! I am on screen in conversation, and playing with the Quarrymen > too on tea-chest bass! Not bad eh? Cilla statue – it is ” >

  15. So far with the Quarrymen it has been washboard twice and now tea-chest bass, though I also jammed with them playing the banjo! Not bad eh?
    Love the comment about the nose job! You are a scouser at heart Stanley!

    1. Have not been to Beatles Convention since about 1993. No real reason to not attend since then just got distracted by life & work. Never been to BeatlesFest… Might go to Chicago this year.

    1. Remember they let anybody into New Jersey… We have laws against your type. Plenty of Beatles fans also are hitmen on the side, I know people that can give you a ride in the trunk of their car from the airport….

    1. Nah, it’s New Jersey, best you can hope for is to be dumped in the Freshkills Landfill (look it up…). Any episode of the Sopranos will show you your fate… (fete?).
      Paul J. Clinton (248) 249-3344 pauljclinton19@gmail.com
      [image: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-j-clinton/102/405/337“><img src=]
      On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 4:55 PM, David Bedford’s Beatles Blog wrote:
      > David Bedford commented: “Will they take me to the abattoir??” >

        1. Listening to a Beatles podcast now… terrible. I know that you could do better. Doing a Liverpool Beatles Podcast focused on the early Beatles and the influence of Liverpool and the Merseybeat wave would be much more enjoyable than the podcasts for the Beatles that are out there now. Maybe you and Spence Leigh can hook up.

  16. Just back from the Fest – good weekend. A Liddypool podcast is on my list – the list is just very long at the moment. I do have a plan for something like this though – stay tuned!!

    1. Are you going to Chicago this year? If so let’s get together. I think our wives would enjoy dinner together. If you need assistance manning your both, let me know and I will be glad to help out. I do miss your ugly face.

  17. Planning at the moment to be there, depending on the new book and the film. Will let you know as it will be horrible to see you – you look better at the end of an email!!!!

    1. Glad that your parole officer will allow you back in the US! If your going let me know and we will make our plans to hook up. I will need the time to prepare my wife for your appearance (she is easily frightened!). Let me know how the host hotels is. Say Hi to Ian from Stanley…

        1. Saw you piece on 60th anniversary of the Cavern, very diplomatic on the Cilla statue unveiling. Very much unlike you…:). Keep me up-to-date on Beatlefest Chicagoland on your attendance.

  18. Had to be diplomatic. Couldn’t say live on tv that cilla was overrated and not particularly good!
    Will let you know about Chicago as soon as i know!
    You coming over here again?

    1. If I do it will be for a vacation with you! Cilla’s statue will be a coat rack on Mathew street for tourists! Missed that Pete Shotten died 03/19! How many school mates from Quarry Bank of John’s are still alive?

  19. That sounds terrible – the vacation bit!!! Sad about Pete Shotton. The other Quarrymen are still going strong – Colin, Len, Rod, Duff Lowe. Other friends like Michael Hill, Bill Smith and Don Beattie all taken part in new Lennon film I’ve been doing.

    1. Looking forward to the film. Maybe write a blog about the making of the film and some behind the scenes stories? How is the new Strawberry Fields looking?

  20. We’ve been writing about it on our Facebook page “Looking for Lennon” during production. Will have something on here soon too. Strawberry Field project looks great, but a while off yet.

    1. Just made my reservations to the Fest of Beatles Fans in Chicago. If your not there I will spend the entire time telling everyone your ugly. Will be there Friday/Saturday! Wife will be there.

    1. Sirius XM radio launches Beatles radio channel this Thursday @ 9:09 AM US EST. I’ll listen for a few hours and let you know. Sounds promising in the previews… What’s new with you… Please take pix of Sam’s and Alan’s grave sites if they have headstones yet. Now I hear there is a Cilla musical ?!? When is the Lennon documentary going to be released? In iTunes?
      Paul J. Clinton (248) 249-3344 pauljclinton19@gmail.com
      [image: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-j-clinton/102/405/337“><img src=]
      On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 5:37 AM, David Bedford’s Beatles Blog wrote:
      > David Bedford commented: “I have the certificate to prove it” >

      1. I’ve not listened to the Sirius channel yet – not sure if it will be worth it, so will let others try it first. Lennon film premiered in Liverpool which went very well. Lots of international interest so hopefully it will be available soon. About to start working on the next film which will be based on the book I am writing about the Beatles drummers. Should have book/film/cd to go together as a project. Good fun! No headstones yet – usually about 6 months or so before they are erected. As for Cilla the musical? I would rather listen to Stanley Abattoir sing!
        Unfortunately, it looks like I WILL be in Chicago with the Lennon film too!

        1. I have been listening to the Beatles Channel on Sirius. It’s fine. What could be bad? They play the Beatles music. They are playing occasional covers by other artists, but not much. Fine with me. Also remarkably little from their solo work, mainly the well known singles. They also seem to think that we need to hear why “famous people” like the Beatles, like Ron Howard’s stupid documentary.
          Overall, good to hear. I will be back to Beatles-a-rama when my free trial of Sirius runs out at the end of the month.

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