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David Bedford’s fascination for Beatles History is shown in his books “Liddypool” (2009) and “The Fab one hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles” (2013). He has also published his latest book about The Beatles drummers with Garry Popper, “Finding the Fourth Beatle” (2018).

David Bedford, Beatles author and researcher of Beatles history
David Bedford

He collaborated with the Beatles’ only official biographer Hunter Davies on “The Beatles Book” (2016), and is working on a number of new projects.

David began writing for the London Beatles Fan Club, which became the British Beatles Fan Club – and he still writes for them now.


New in October 2021 are:

The Beatles Fab Four Cities, co-written with Richard Porter and Susan Ryan, tells the story of the four cities that defined The Beatles career: Liverpool, Hamburg, London and New York. BUY IT HERE

The Beatles Fab Four Cities
The Beatles Fab Four Cities

Bill Zygmant: Where Did You Get That Shirt? is also new out. David has spent the last 3 years working with ’60s photographer Bill Zygmant putting together a book of his photos, which include over 70 of John Lennon and The Beatles. BUY IT HERE

Bill Zygmant: Where Did You Get That Shirt?
Bill Zygmant: Where Did You Get That Shirt?

The Country of Liverpool (2020). David digs into the country music roots of Liverpool and, never told before, the country roots of The Beatles.

The Country of Liverpool
The Country of Liverpool

Beatles History

Liddypool Birthplace of The Beatles by David Bedford
Liddypool by David Bedford

David’s website aims to chart Beatles History through his interviews and research that have contributed to his books. Simply select Beatles History and either look at the main page, or select the appropriate year in Beatles History. This will be added to regularly to build a unique insight into Early Beatles and Quarrymen history.

inspector rocke

Inspector Rocke by David Bedford
Inspector Rocke

In a branch off The Beatles trail, David has published his first crime detective novel, Inspector Rocke, which is set in Liverpool, 1960, and features The Beatles too!

Beatles Detective

The Beatles Detective looking at The Beatles History
The Beatles Detective

Because of his forensic way of analysing Beatles history, in 2019, he launched a new Blog called “The Beatles Detective”, where he examines aspects of Beatles history, and searches for the evidence to solve the mysteries, like The Beatles names, Beatles members and other Beatles history. You can follow that at Thebeatlesdetective.com

He was Associate Producer and Historian on the documentary “Looking for Lennon” (2018), which was nominated for a National Film Award.

David is a Beatles historian, author and researcher, and a guest at Beatles events in the US, UK and Europe. He makes regular appearances on Radio, TV and Beatles Podcasts.

“David is defining and refining Beatles history” – Edd Raineri, Beatledd Fab Four Hour

Beatles Historian and Researcher: Discoveries

As well as many interviews with people connected with The Beatles, David’s original research has uncovered people, stories and events that no other author/historian has discovered:

The only book on The Beatles and Liverpool (Liddypool)

The real meaning behind the Beatles song “Penny Lane(Liddypool)

Discovered Geoff Lee, who suggested to John Lennon that he should start a skiffle group; The Quarry Men (Fab104)

Fab one hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles, Beatles members and Beetles names
The Fab one hundred and Four

Has the only biography and photographs of Beatles drummer Norman Chapman; (Fab104)

The most complete biography of Silver Beatles drummer Tommy Moore; (Finding the Fourth Beatle)

Established that George Harrison joined The Quarrymen in December 1957, not 1958; (Fab104)

Established when the first colour photograph of John, Paul and George was taken; (Fab104)

Discovered who the “man on the flaming pie” was (Fab104)

Drummer Alan Leyland drummed with The Beatles in 1961; (Finding the Fourth Beatle)

That John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best signed a legal partnership agreement in 1961; (Finding the Fourth Beatle)

That Pete Best WAS NOT sacked and what really happened; (Finding the Fourth Beatle)

That The Beatles were not under contract at EMI in June 1962. (Finding the Fourth Beatle)

The between 1956 and 1970, 23 different drummers played with The Beatles at different times. (Finding the Fourth Beatle)

And much, much more, with many interviews being unique to him too.

Purchase David’s books in the Beatles Bookstore

David's Social Media
David’s Social Media


David Bedford
David Bedford
The Beatles Bookstore has only been open a week yet we've had nearly 1,400 visitors. We've already got 27 Beatles books covering autobiography, history, fiction, poetry and much more. Pop in and see us - we're open 8 days a week! @beatles
David Bedford
David Bedford
We've only been open a week and we've had nearly 1400 visitors to our bookstore. Thank you all. We've already got 27 Beatles books covering autobiography, biography, fact, fiction, poetry and so much more. Pop in and see us 8 days a week. @beatles
David Bedford
David Bedford
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David Bedford
David Bedford
My latest podcast interview. This is an in depth discussion on the Beatles Personalities and how their upbringing and living in Liverpool created the Mersey sound. #beatles
David Bedford
David Bedford
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David Bedford
David Bedford
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  1. Thanks for reading my message. I recently found a copy of the Beatles Love Songs album with what appears to be a printer mistake and am wondering if you would be able to shed some light. It’s Capitol SKBL-11711, embossed front cover. The gold portion of the portrait is out of place so that the background of the oval is brown instead of the normal gold color. Is there anything anywhere that can tell me more? Do you think this copy is valuable or just a print error? Again, thank you very much.

  2. Recently received the ‘Where did you get that shirt’ book and wanted to say how much I loved it.
    The layout is great and the overarching background to the eras/times, bands and celebs etc. is wonderful and of course as is the ‘main show’ which are Bills fab photos and his own stories. An excellent publication, highly recommended!

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