How did The Quarrymen become The Beatles?

I’m starting a new series on YouTube taking you on the journey from the very beginning of the Quarrymen through to them becoming John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Here is the overview of the series giving you a taste of what is to come!

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From the Quarrymen to The Beatles

Inside Julia Lennon’s House

I had the opportunity to take a look inside 1 Blomfield Road, home to Julia Lennon, her partner John “Bobby” Dykins and their daughters Julia and Jackie.

John, of course spent a lot of time there with his mother and family. It was here that Julia taught John how to play banjo chords on his guitar, and so much more.

Come inside with me now:

Inside Julia’s House

David and Rod Davis in Germany

On 20th May I flew out to Germany with Rod Davis from the Quarrymen.

Rod, like many people, didn’t realise that I play guitar and sing a bit too! So he suggested that ge would do a talk with songs, I would do my talk, and then we would sing some songs together. What an honour that was for me and we had so much fun too!!

Have a look at the video I’ve just uploaded to our YouTube channel and I hope you forgive the camera work from those watching and my singing too!

David and Rod Davis

Rock Island Line by The Quarrymen

George Harrison said, “No Lonnie Donegan, no Beatles” and he was right. It was Lonnie who started the skiffle craze and got John Lennon to start The Quarrymen, which started the Beatles!

Here are the Quarrymen performing “Rock Island Line”

Rock Island Line

The Day John met Paul – What Really Happened?

On 6th July 1957, Paul McCartney was introduced to John Lennon after watching The Quarrymen perform at St. Peter’s Church in Woolton, Liverpool.

What really did happen? Having spoken to all of the surviving members of the Quarrymen, I could finally get as close to the truth as is possible.

Watch for the story of that incredible day.