6th June 1962 – The Beatles Audition with George Martin

On this day in 1962, The Beatles rolled up at EMI STUDIOS in Abbey Road, London, to do their audition with George Martin.

It didn’t all go well, plus there were conversations which led to misunderstandings, which led to The Beatles getting rid of drummer Pete Best.

What really happened that day?

Find out in my latest video.


The Beatles EMI Audition

Chas Newby – My Time As a Beatle

In part 2 of my interview with the late Chas Newby, we discuss one of the most important concerts in Beatles history and the part he played.

27th December 1960 at Litherland Town Hall was the first taste of Beatlemania.

Listen to this fascinating interview with one-time Beatles bass player, Chas Newby.

Chas Newby – The Beatles Bass Player

David Bedford

How did The Quarrymen become The Beatles?

I’m starting a new series on YouTube taking you on the journey from the very beginning of the Quarrymen through to them becoming John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Here is the overview of the series giving you a taste of what is to come!

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From the Quarrymen to The Beatles

12 days of Beatles Christmas

I’ve started a daily video counting down to Christmas with a different Beatles nunber every day. They are getting hundreds of views so there is time to catch up!

Day 1

George Lee?

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Happy Christmas


Denis Littler – The Fourth Quarryman?

Sad news on the passing of Dennis Littler. As you will read from this article, I interviewed Denis for my book The Fab One Hundred and Four. He was the guy on the right of Mike McCartney’s famous colour photo of the Quarrymen.

Lovely guy and what a story too!

The passing of Dennis Littler

The Beatles, Brian Epstein and a 60s Cult TV Show

In my latest video, join me on the coast of Wales where I wander through one of the strangest places you could ever visit!

Brian holidayed here for many years, and George loved it so much that he celebrated his 50th birthday party here.

But where is it? Join me now.

George Martin and Brian Epstein

The Day Pete Best WasNot Fired from The Beatles

On 16th August 1962, Pete Best was taken into Brian Epstein’s office and fired. Or was he?

With the full information in my book Finding the Fourth Beatle, here is a summary of what happened in that summer of 1962 in my latest YouTube video

Why Pete Best wasn’t fired

Rare BBC Interviews with Allan Williams, Bob Wooler, Freda Kelly and Tommy Moore

Hidden away in the BBC archives is this gem of a feature from 1973 when there was an attempt to celebrate the Beatles and Merseybeat.

This is the only TV interview with original Beatles drummer Tommy Moore!

Don’t miss it.

Rare Interviews

Get Back to Hamburg- Part 2!

Following on from my recent trip to Hamburg, here is part 2 of my walking tour down the Grosse Freiheit to find the Beatles sites.

This time I take you to the Reeperbahn and the Top Ten Club, the police station where Paul and Pete were locked up overnight and the famous Star Club.

Watch the video below


Hamburg Part 2