6th June 1962 – The Beatles Audition with George Martin

On this day in 1962, The Beatles rolled up at EMI STUDIOS in Abbey Road, London, to do their audition with George Martin.

It didn’t all go well, plus there were conversations which led to misunderstandings, which led to The Beatles getting rid of drummer Pete Best.

What really happened that day?

Find out in my latest video.


The Beatles EMI Audition

Liverpool- the Fifth Beatle?

The latest video on our Brightmoon Liverpool channel is the first podcast episode of Liddypod, with myself and good friend Paul Beesley.

We cover the history of Liverpool and ask the question: is Liverpool the Fifth Beatle?

What do you think?

Liddypod Episode 1

Denis Littler – The Fourth Quarryman?

Sad news on the passing of Dennis Littler. As you will read from this article, I interviewed Denis for my book The Fab One Hundred and Four. He was the guy on the right of Mike McCartney’s famous colour photo of the Quarrymen.

Lovely guy and what a story too!

The passing of Dennis Littler

The Beatles at EMI on 6th June 1962 – the day it all changed!

When The Beatles went down to EMI Studios on 6th June 1962, were they under contract or was it an audition?

This was the day that would change the story of the Beatles forever. It would lead to the Beatles obtaining their recording contract from Parlophone and working with George Martin.

It also led to the end of the road for Pete Best in the Beatles.

Examine the evidence with me now in this video.


The Beatles EMI Audition

60th Anniversary of Stuart Sutcliffe’s Death

On 10th April 1962, Stuart Sutcliffe sadly died in Hamburg.

On this anniversary, I have taken a visit to Stuart’s grave in Huyton to celebrate his life.

Watch the video here

Stuart Sutcliffe with the Beatles

The Day John met Paul – What Really Happened?

On 6th July 1957, Paul McCartney was introduced to John Lennon after watching The Quarrymen perform at St. Peter’s Church in Woolton, Liverpool.

What really did happen? Having spoken to all of the surviving members of the Quarrymen, I could finally get as close to the truth as is possible.

Watch for the story of that incredible day.

Step Inside St Peter’s Church where John Lennon sang in the Choir

Although St. PETER’S Church is famous for being the place where John Lennon met Paul McCartney on 6th July 1957, John had been attending Sunday School here from the age of 5. Many of his friends from The Quarrymen also attended here too.

John, his best friends Pete Shotton and Nigel Walley also sang in the choir, though it won’t surprise you that John was thrown out of the choir too!

Join me as I go through the doors and into the church to see inside the famous St Peter’s where John sang in the choir