The Country of Liverpool – Nashville of the North (Pre-Order)


Phil Brady became the No. 1 country music artist and performed with many of the greats of country music. Discover Phil’s archives as we open his scrapbook of memories

The Quarrymen, the group that became The Beatles, were rooted in the skiffle music of Lonnie Donegan; the skiffle was rooted in American country and folk music. John Lennon was a fan of Hank Williams too.

Those country roots were evident in the recording career of The Beatles too.

This book tells the previously untold story of country music scene in Liverpool and the country roots of The Beatles



Discover the Country and Western scene in Liverpool from the 60s onwards as we look into Phil Brady’s scrapbook.

Discover the Country roots of The Beatles, from the skiffle of The Quarrymen right through their recording career, and after The Beatles split up.

360 pages of full colour; signed and numbered limited edition

Review from Jude Kessler, author of the John Lennon Series:

“In 1964, The Beatles created entire LP, Beatles for Sale, as a homage to their life-long love of country music. But how did this connection to musicians such as Carl Perkins begin? It began in The Country of Liverpool! And here, in exciting and accurate detail, David Bedford walks us through the Liverpool-link to The Beatles’ country and western vibes. Known for his detailed research and passion for “getting things right,” Bedford unfolds yet another dimension in The Beatles’ story that has long been overlooked. This book is a must-read for Beatles fans and scholars alike. I loved it!”




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