Fab One Hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles

From the author of “Liddypool”, “The Fab One Hundred & Four: The Evolution of The Beatles” is the sequel to Liddypool and tells the story of how they went from The Quarrymen, through several musicians, and became The Beatles

Fab one hundred and Four
The Fab one hundred and Four

“A treasure chest of research and a visual delight, this will prove to be a work no Beatles fan should be without.”
    Bill Harry, founder of
Mersey Beat

“The Fab one Hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles” is Liddypool: Part 2! Having evolved from “Liddypool”, this book tells the story of every band member, collaborating musician, tutor, influence and those they backed on stage in Liverpool and Hamburg to become the “Fab Four”.

John Lennon stated: “I asked Paul to join, and then George joined and then Ringo joined. We were just a band…………….. we were four guys”

Well, actually, 104 guys and gals. Read the stories of those who played even a small part in the success of going from a skiffle group having fun, to the Fab Four who took over the world.

David Bedford, the contemporary scribe of Liverpool life, has done it again. This book, graphically supreme as “Liddypool”, takes you closer to the way it was. This is the real thing by a man who knows the famed musical and social history of his city like few others. His pride in Liverpool is contagious. Larry Kane, US journalist who accompanied The Beatles


There are countless interviews with key eyewitness, and, for the very first time:

Revealing Geoff Lee – the school friend who started everything!

When George Harrison joined The Quarrymen – much earlier than we thought

When the first colour photograph of John, Paul and George was taken – it took months of research!

The only biography of Norman Chapman

The first and exclusive photographs of Norman Chapman

Hundreds of photographs and exclusive interviews


The FAB one hundred and FOUR is a meticulously-researched, thoughtfully-written and lavishly-illustrated volume that addresses the important, but largely unknown players in the evolution of The Beatles. Mark Naboshek, Beatles collector

Review in “Record Collector Magazine”

I READ THE NEWS TODAY, OH BOY! “Check out “The Fab One Hundred and Four,” a new book written by author/ Beatles scholar David Bedford. Exhaustively researched and illustrated with terrific (and rare) photos, the book tills the fertile soil of the band’s early history by examining the Liverpool musicians who influenced John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr” Michael Starr, New York Post

“At last count there were 7 billion books about The Beatles in print. Is it possible to produce another one that becomes a must read for all Beatle people? You betcha! David Bedford’s remarkable tome, The Fab One Hundred and Four – The Evolution of The Beatles should be on every bookshelf. 400 glorious pages of amazing stories and unseen photos taking the story from The Quarrymen to The Fab Four and so much more.
The Beatles stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard them back in January 1963 and I seem to have been reading about them ever since. So I know the story … or so I thought. Bedford’s masterly detective work leaves no stone unturned on that extraordinary trip from 1956-1962. An obvious labor of Love, you feel as if you are there with the boys as you turn each page and follow their ups and downs across that beloved soot-black city. A true insight into The Beatles and Merseyside.”
Tim Quinn
Mighty Quinn Management
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