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British Beatles Fan Club
The British Beatles Fan Club

London Beatles Fan Club

The very first time I had written an article about The Beatles that was published, was in the magazine of the London Beatles Fan Club, back in 2000. I told the story of how Yoko Ono had given a substantial donation to Dovedale School, where John Lennon and George Harrison had attended, and I was a parent. I was thrilled that I had an article published and so I began writing regularly for them.

British Beatles Fan Club

A few years later, the LBFC became the British Beatles Fan Club and I am still contributing to the quarterly magazine to this day.


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The British Beatles Fan Club Magazine is a glossy, full colour, 40 page publication which comes out 4 times a year. It is packed with fascinating and thoroughly researched articles on all aspects of the Fab Four past and present. We give you an insight into the Beatles’ career and their associates in Liverpool, London and throughout the world.

British Beatles Fan Club magazine
British Beatles Fan Club magazine

Regular features include:

Upcoming Events—organised by the club and anything else relating to the Beatles, including festivals, Beatles Days, concerts and conventions throughout the world

Beatles A Day In The Life—a day-by-day diary

Media Watch

Reviews of the latest releases

Classified Ads

Concert and event reviews

In-depth articles

Letters from members

The Legendary Crap Photos of the Month

Comprehensive feature articles on every Beatle subject imaginable!
High quality colour and black & white Beatles photos throughout the magazine!

About The British Beatles Fan Club

The British Beatles Fan Club (BBFC) is run by fans for fans. We currently have over 800 members and bring together Beatles enthusiasts from the UK and across the world.  We publish a highly esteemed quarterly magazine and organise Beatles related events in the London and Liverpool areas and across the UK.  We also have several active online communities, including a Yahoo group, Facebook and Twitter for keeping up to date with the latest news and in touch with other fans

On the website, our aim is to bring you some of the latest news about the Beatles, information about events and attractions, competitions, and reviews. The website is enabled to allow comments, so please tell us what you like (and don’t like!), and if there’s anything you’d like to see featured here. All comments go through moderation, so please don’t worry if there’s a delay between submitting a comment and publication. However, please note, you MUST sign all comments. Anonymous comments will not be approved.

Also, we’d love you to contribute! For example, if you attend any Beatles-related event (a concert by a tribute band for instance), or visit a Beatles attraction, please share your experiences with other BBFC members and Beatle fans. Send any contributions to

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