Finding the Fourth Beatle

The story of the 23 drummers who put the beat in The Beatles

Finding the Fourth Beatle
Finding the Fourth Beatle

Finding the Fourth Beatle: for the first time…
..the Complete Chronicle of the ‘forgotten’ Beatles’ who played their part in the long quest for a drummer.

“They’d had a succession of drummers through the years and finally found one who integrated, someone who fitted. Until this point it was always John, Paul, George … and a drummer…”
Neil Aspinall. Former CEO of Apple and the Beatles first road manager


Available: as a Limited Edition of 1000, including 2 Cds; Standard hardback; Standard softback; ebook; Double CD including the complete Decca session, first radio performance, EMI audition and so much more over 43 tracks


About Finding the Fourth Beatle

The fourth Beatle to join was Ringo, right?  Wrong!
How about John, Paul, George and Norman?
Or John, Paul, George and Tommy…or Johnny…or Terry?
Or even Ronnie the Ted!  Ronnie the who? Exactly!

Ringo Starr wasn’t the fourth Beatle to join. He wasn’t even the last! Half a century and hundreds of books after the Beatles went their separate ways, “Finding The Fourth Beatle” has finally pieced together the untold story of the Fab Three’s long quest for a permanent drummer – and how close the problem came to ending their dreams on several occasions, including those of their manager, Brian Epstein!

Thanks to their unrivalled network of sources Liverpool author’s David Bedford and Garry Popper have produced an in-depth investigation into the origins of the Fab Ones themselves, too. As a result “Finding The Fourth Beatle” reads like a thriller, mapping each crisis in the Beatles struggle for fame and fortune. It’s a roller-coaster story that tells it like it really was – a long and winding road paved by ruthless ambition and farce – none more vividly detailed than the panicked conspiracy to dump drummer Pete Best; one of darkest and longest controversies to engulf the band.

Book Highlights

Highlights include: Why Pete Best was not fired/sacked
 Those drummers who were almost the “Fourth Beatle”, and those who weren’t
 In-depth analysis of the failed Decca audition, and EMI sessions in 1962
 PLUS why Brian Epstein didn’t sign the first Beatles contract
 How Ringo Starr joined The Beatles – and who else was asked before him
 A previously unknown Beatles contract
 The vindication of Pete Best and a celebration of Ringo Starr

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“The must-read Beatles book of the year. A masterwork of rock ’n’ roll sleuthing and good old-fashioned research.”
Kenneth Womack, author of Maximum Volume: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin (The Early Years, 1926-1966)

“This is the work of responsible researchers who challenge the usual received wisdom, carefully presenting their findings on a rock-solid foundation of fact.” Robert Rodriguez, award-winning Beatles author and creator of the Something About The Beatles podcast